Sonni Chemicals


Sonni Chemicals (India) is a part of Sonni Group, established in the year 2004.

Sonni Chemicals (India) act as a procurement agent and undertake product and supplier developmental work for international chemical distributors. Besides finding the most cost-efficient products on our partners’ demand, we constantly suggest products that our manufacturers are in a strong position to supply. Since we source products for many international distributors, we have a large network of buyers, enabling us to develop a cordial relationship with a host of manufacturers (we work with about 500 Indian manufacturers). Our aim is to promote our partner in the Indian industry and create exclusive distribution arrangements.

Besides India, we also procure products from nearby Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan enabling us to supply even the products that aren’t available in the Indian market. We have thus proved ourselves to be a vital aid to our international partners who do not have sourcing arrangements in these countries

Why Us?

Sonni Chemicals (India) offers end-to-end solutions for high-quality products to its International Clients from India.
We have a very diverse product portfolio of Chemicals for various Industry segments including customized requirements for our clients.

Our team is experienced to handle the challenges on the field and ensures the job gets done irrespective of circumstances.

Our Team

The journey of “Sonni Group” started in 2004 with a mission to help its clients in establishing small and medium-scale industries. This was the time when the Indian economy was booming. Slowly, the company expanded its arms and started catering to the various requirements of the day-to-day functioning of its clients.

Sonni Group which started as a machinery manufacturing, assembling, and importing company has diversified its portfolio as a chemical service provider and distributor. Now, with its eyes on the international market, Sonni Group has started “Sonni Chemicals” to cater to its International clients (Chemical distributors) 

Mrs.  Riya Sonni                                                                                                                                    

          Mr. Mahim Sharma


With a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Technology and more than a decade experience in the Chemical business, Mr. Mahim has always played a vital role in Business development of Sonni Chemicals (India).

Mr. Mahim understands the complex market like India and share a good relationship with Indian suppliers/manufacturers. His understanding of the International trade has always been an asset to the organization.